• Do people have to be white and colas black?
  • What do you call a pale cola?
    “Cola”, you racist.
  • Skin-colored cola?
    Just wait till you see our gay cola.
  • Got a problem with me?
    Is it ’cause I ain’t black?
  • Something’s wrong with this cola.
    That’s right, nothing.
  • Cola has always come in skin colors.
    Just not in yours.

They look different on the outside but are all the same on the inside. That’s true of people all over the world—and now of cola, too. Or at least ALI COLA, the first cola that comes in different skin colors. Call it a cola in aid of greater tolerance. #cheerstotolerance

order via Urban-Drinks.de throughout Europe

Caffeinated soda Ingredients: natural mineral water, sugar, carbonic acid, natural flavoring, acidifier: phosphoric acid, flavoring: caffeine, coloring: sulfite ammonia caramel, stabilizers (gum arabic and glycerol ester of wood rosin). Average nutritional values per 100 ml: Energy: 41 kcal/173 kJ; carbohydrate: 10.2 g; of which sugars: 10.2 g. Contains negligible amounts of fat, saturated fatty acids, protein, and salt.

EGAL woher Du kommst. EGAL wie Du aussiehst. EGAL wen oder was Du liebst. EGAL woran Du glaubst. EGAL wie jung oder alt Du bist. Egal wer Du bist.